Review of Allison’s Adventures in Underland – A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by C.M. Stunich

Review of Allison’s Adventures in Underland – A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by C.M. Stunich

Review of Allison’s Adventures in Underland – A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by C.M. StunichAllison's Adventures in Underland five-stars
by C. M. Stunich
Published by Independently Published on December 17, 2017
Pages: 320
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Um. Um. Um.Are you reading this?If you are, I need your help.I was at a party; I was running; I fell.And get this--this is the part you'll never believe--I fell down a rabbit hole.Like Alice in those old books.Except in those books, there wasn't blood everywhere.In those books, the characters weren't all male, attractive, and interested in me.Forget everything you know about the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the March Hare ...This isn't Wonderland; this is Underland.Violence, sex, drugs, and magic ... that's all there is in this place.There's me, Allison, and there are the men that want me, the enemies that hunt me, and the darkness that's quickly rolling in.And only I can stop it.So if you're reading this, will you help me?Please. I just want to escape this place and go ... home.ALLISON'S ADVENTURES IN UNDERLAND (Book 1 of 3 in the "Harem of Hearts" series) -- is a full-length reverse harem/new adult/dark romance novel, a gritty retelling of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Don't expect a children's tale; these characters are nothing like their more innocent counterparts. This book contains: drugs, cursing, violence, sex ... and love found in the darkest shadows.

Allison’s Adventures in Underland is the first novel in the Harem of Hearts trilogy by international bestselling author C. M. Stunich.


Once upon a time, there was a young woman who stumbled upon a series that was so incredibly engaging and all-consuming, that it completely took over her life for an entire weekend. By the end of that weekend, coffee became a main form of sustenance for this woman (though she briefly considered taking up tea as a result of binge-reading these novels), she no longer looked at rabbits the same way, she paid even more attention to her cats (and also wondered what her cats’ thought of her- you’ll understand why once you read this series), and she casually explored the five acres of land around her home in hopes of finding her very own Rabbit-Hole to another dimension (hopefully Underland? Who wouldn’t want their very own nine big men with nine big…*cough* You get the point).

If you hadn’t already guessed- the young woman I am describing is me. Reading Allison’s Adventures in Underland was the equivalent of opening Pandora’s box. Except, in this scenario, I was sucked into the box where I happily remained until I finished the very last book in the series. Then, with great reluctance, I climbed out of said box and reflected on life and wondered how I was going to be able to cope without Allison and her remarkably addictive harem to keep me sane. Which, in turn, made me wonder if it was truly “sane” for me to rely on fictitious characters to stabilize my mind…wouldn’t that be insane? Perhaps I am insanely sane? Or sanely insane?

See what this series does to you???

I F***ING love it…

Allison’s Adventures in Underland is exactly why I LOVE to read. From start to finish this fantastical and steamy, dark reverse harem novel consumed me entirely! Allison was relatable, likable, and struggled with events from her recent past that shook the foundation of her family. After watching someone at a party be murdered in front of her eyes by a man with rabbit ears (you guessed it- the White Rabbit), she takes off after him and finds herself falling down a Rabbit-Hole into a completely different world- Underland. This world, unlike Wonderland which is popularly known, is inhabited by fantastical beasts with abilities to tear people limb-from-limb (Jubjub bird anyone?), shape-shifters, vampires, cursed angels, and kings with the ability to decapitate you merely by placing their hands on your skin (off with their heads! *snicker*). The characters introduced in this novel are intriguing, dynamic, and unique- perfectly reflective of the world they live in.

Reverse harems can get complicated- especially when the heroine has NINE different love interests all at once. Surprisingly, each of those nine are so diverse that it is easy to follow. Their personalities range from humorous, carefree, and witty to broody and wicked.  Also, trying to pick and choose a favorite is, frankly, impossible. No wonder Allison struggles with this in the beginning (and thank goodness she works through her feelings regarding the subject and takes on the “why choose?” mentality). With nine talented and protective men around, you would think that Allison would always be in a position to be saved…wrong! In this story the heroine saves herself AND is well on her way to saving an entire kingdom (the guys just help out every once in a while *wink*).

Allison in Underland should come with a warning label: If you open this book, be prepared to have your whole life turned topsy-turvy! Oh…and bring a fan! Things are going to get hot…

FIVE stars for Allison’s Adventures in Underland!


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