Life is an ever-changing fluid creature filled with whims, experiences, and moments. With such a diverse landscape, it can be difficult to compartmentalize each person we encounter, or ourselves for that matter. Why place ourselves into one category? Why can’t we like a little of everything? Be a little of everything? I was born in Germany on an Air Force base to a strong and talented woman- my mother was among the first women to join a previously male-only squadron in the Air Force. Now, you would take one look at her whole 5’2 dainty frame and think, “I bet she has a desk job.” You would be wrong. My Mom built bombs and ammunition and was oftentimes the only woman working alongside the men. This was not always easy. My Dad was also in the military. His strength of character, ambition, and resilience quickly drove him to the top. One of the best things about having parents in the military? I was able to experience the world- I had the rare opportunity to live in places like Germany, Italy, and Japan. To say I had an interesting childhood would be an understatement.

I discovered my love of reading at an early age and spent a great deal of my time devouring books- from mysteries like Nancy Drew, whimsical fantasies like Harry Potter, and eventually the turbulent and passionate stories in the romance genre, I found myself engrossed in a completely different world than this one. I believe it is through my experiences and the books I read, that I have developed a keen interest in a myriad of things. For that reason, The Vagaries of Us represents multiple areas of interest- Book reviews, personal experiences, recipe reviews (I’ll be trying various recipes by either request or from Pinterest), the occasional wine review (yes, I’m a “wino”), and unique and interesting things to do in Maine.

Don’t compartmentalize yourself. Be unique. Be you.


-April Hughes