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Book CoverBook TitleAuthorSeriesRatingGenrePublisherDate Reviewed
EliteEliteRachel Van DykenEagle Elite #14 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Coming of Age, GeneralGrand Central PublishingAugust 23rd, 2017
Full ContactFull ContactSarah CastilleRedemption #34 StarsFiction, Erotica, General, Romance, ContemporaryOctober 4th, 2017
Paper PrincessPaper PrincessErin WattThe Royals #15 StarsYoung Adult, Social Themes, Adolescence, Dating & Relationships, Young Adult Fiction, Dating & SexTimeout LLCOctober 4th, 2017
Tormentor Mine (Tormentor Mine #1)Tormentor Mine (Tormentor Mine #1)Anna ZairesDima Zales4.5 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Action & Adventure, New Adult, GeneralMozaika LLCOctober 9th, 2017
Be Still, My LoveBe Still, My LoveDeborah J. HughesTess Schafer-Medium, #15 StarsFiction, GhostsOctober 9th, 2017
UnhookedUnhookedLisa Maxwell4 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Pirates, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Adaptations, Juvenile Nonfiction, Activity BooksSimon and SchusterOctober 12th, 2017
The Lovely RecklessThe Lovely RecklessKami Garcia4.5 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Girls & Women, Social Themes, Emotions & FeelingsImprintOctober 22nd, 2017
Against the RopesAgainst the RopesSarah CastilleRedemption #14 StarsFiction, Erotica, General, Romance, ContemporarySourcebooks CasablancaOctober 27th, 2017
UninvitedUninvitedSophie Jordan4 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, General, Romance, Action & AdventureHarperCollinsNovember 1st, 2017
Inside PhoenixInside PhoenixRoni O'Connell5 StarsParanormal, RomanceCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformNovember 6th, 2017
Wilde in LoveWilde in LoveEloisa James5 StarsFiction, Romance, Historical, Regency, GeneralHarperCollinsNovember 13th, 2017
NicoNicoSarah CastilleRuin & Revenge, #14.5 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, SuspenseSt. Martin's PressNovember 14th, 2017
LucaLucaSarah CastilleRuin & Revenge, #24.5 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, SuspenseSt. Martin's PressNovember 21st, 2017
When It's RealWhen It's RealErin Watt5 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Performing Arts, Music, Romance, Contemporary, Social Themes, Dating & Sex, Family, SiblingsHarlequinNovember 30th, 2017
Can't Get EnoughCan't Get EnoughGena ShowalterOriginal Heartbreakers, #65 StarsRomance, ContemporaryStrawberry Valley PressDecember 10th, 2017
Fire's KissFire's Kiss5 StarsParanormal, Romance, FictionFiery Seas PublishingDecember 11th, 2017
Heart of the DragonHeart of the DragonGena ShowalterAtlantis4 StarsFiction, Romance, General, FantasyHQN BooksDecember 19th, 2017
The Protector (Men of the North, #1)The Protector (Men of the North, #1)Elin PeerMen of the North, #14 StarsRomance, Science FictionJanuary 2nd, 2018
Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 1)Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 1)Anna ZairesDima ZalesKrinar Chronicles #14 StarsFiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Suspense, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Contemporary, Fantasy, Dark FantasyMozaika PublicationsJanuary 4th, 2018
Good IntentionsGood IntentionsBrenda K. DaviesThe Road To Hell #15 StarsFiction, Romance, Paranormal, Suspense, FantasyBrenda K. DaviesJanuary 5th, 2018
RoccoRoccoSarah Castille5 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, SuspenseSt. Martin's PressJanuary 12th, 2018
Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious, #1)Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious, #1)Sara Wolf4 StarsRomance, Young AdultEntangled: TeenJanuary 20th, 2018
The Renaissance ClubThe Renaissance ClubRachel Dacus4 StarsRomance, Time TravelFiery Seas PublishingJanuary 27th, 2018
Hooking Up: A NovelHooking Up: A NovelHelena Hunting5 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic ComedySt. Martin's PressFebruary 4th, 2018
Awakened (Vampire Awakenings, #1)Awakened (Vampire Awakenings, #1)Brenda K. Davies4 StarsRomance, ParanormalFebruary 5th, 2018
The Road (The Road to Hell, #3)The Road (The Road to Hell, #3)Brenda K. Davies5 StarsRomance, Paranormal, SuspenseSmashwordsFebruary 6th, 2018
Lottie LoserLottie LoserDana L. Brown5 StarsArchway PublishingFebruary 13th, 2018
Four Letter WordFour Letter WordJ. Daniels4 StarsRomance, Erotica, Romantic Comedy, New AdultGrand Central PublishingFebruary 27th, 2018
FirstlifeFirstlifeGena Showalter5 StarsYoung Adult, Fantasy & Magic, Action & Adventure, Love & RomanceHarlequinMarch 4th, 2018
WrongWrongJana AstonFiction, RomanceLulu.comMarch 13th, 2018
Beyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicles of a Teenage WitchslayerBeyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicles of a Teenage WitchslayerM.J. RocissonoJoe Rocissono5 StarsYoung Adult, Fantasy & MagicBookBabyMarch 17th, 2018
To Discover a DivineTo Discover a DivineTessa McFionnRise of the Stria Book 15 StarsSci-Fi RomanceFiery Seas PublishingMarch 24th, 2018
dissent: RENEGADESdissent: RENEGADESR.J. Furness5 StarsScience Fiction, FantasyCreatespaceMarch 31st, 2018
PUCKEDPUCKEDHelena Hunting5 StarsRomance, Contemporary, Romantic ComedyHelena HuntingApril 4th, 2018
ManwhoreManwhoreKaty Evans3 StarsRomance, ContemporarySimon and SchusterApril 5th, 2018
LifebloodLifebloodGena Showalter5 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Fantasy, RomanceHarlequinApril 6th, 2018
Red QueenRed QueenVictoria Aveyard4 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Fantasy, RomanceHarper CollinsApril 7th, 2018
RacerRacerKaty Evans5 StarsFiction, Romance, Contemporary, Coming of AgeKT PUBLISHINGMay 3rd, 2018
PestilencePestilenceLaura Thalassa4 StarsRomance, Science Fiction, FantasyCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformMay 22nd, 2018
To Kill a KingdomTo Kill a KingdomAlexandra Christo5 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore, MermaidsFeiwel & FriendsMay 25th, 2018
Until MidnightUntil MidnightErin Bedford4 StarsFiction, Fantasy, DystopianEmbrace the Fantasy PublishingJune 2nd, 2018
Smart TassSmart TassMimi Jean Pamfiloff4 StarsMimi Jean PamfiloffJune 2nd, 2018
JockblockedJockblockedJen Frederick5 StarsRomance, Romantic Comedy, Coming of AgeCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformJune 18th, 2018
One Small ThingOne Small ThingErin Watt5 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Dating & SexHarlequinJune 28th, 2018
Kiss of the RoyalKiss of the RoyalLindsey Duga5 StarsYoung Adult Fiction, Romance, FantasyJuly 10th, 2018
In the Assassin's ArmsIn the Assassin's ArmsKatherine HastingsDagger of Desires #15 StarsHistorical RomanceFIERY SEAS EVERLASTINGAugust 8th, 2018
Waking OliviaWaking OliviaElizabeth O'Roark5 StarsElizabeth O'RoarkAugust 29th, 2018
Fear MeFear MeB.B. Reid4 StarsB.B. ReidDecember 2nd, 2018
The Peer and the PuppetThe Peer and the Puppet5 StarsCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformDecember 4th, 2018
I Dare YouI Dare YouShantel Tessier5 StarsCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformDecember 6th, 2018
The Flame and the ArrowThe Flame and the ArrowEmigh CannadayAnnika Brisby #15 StarsCreatespaceDecember 9th, 2018
RideRideHarper Dallas5 StarsAmazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp Print UsJanuary 27th, 2019
Razing GraceRazing GraceAmo Jones5 StarsCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformFebruary 2nd, 2019
Rewrite the StarsRewrite the StarsCharleigh Rose5 StarsRomanceCreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformFebruary 7th, 2019
Allison's Adventures in UnderlandAllison's Adventures in UnderlandC. M. Stunich5 StarsIndependently PublishedFebruary 14th, 2019
Boys of Brayshaw High (Brayshaw, #1)Boys of Brayshaw High (Brayshaw, #1)Meagan Brandy5 StarsRomanceFebruary 20th, 2019
Dead SexyDead SexyLulu M SylvianRomance, Paranormal, FantasyGriffyn InkAugust 12th, 2019