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I was recently introduced to the exhilarating and steamy world of reverse harem books …and let me tell you, this subgenre is one that I will definitely revisit again…and again…

It takes an extraordinarily strong, fierce, and passionate heroine to maintain a deep and meaningful relationship with two, three, four, five, heck even six men.

The best part?

These stories are filled with exciting and thrilling plots, multi-dimensional characters, fluent and believable dialogue, and enough action within the sheets…or pages *wink*that you’re left eager for more.

Even better, If you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, You can read many of these for free! 


I have listed some of my favorite Reverse Harem books below

The Dark Side series

by Kristy Cunning

After reading Four Psychos (the first book in this series) I was instantly hooked! And I mean hooked bad! Hands-down probably one of the BEST reverse harem books I have ever read! After reading Three Trials (the second novel), I quickly went in search of the third novel in the series and was met with the WORST news ever…I had to WAIT for the third to be released. It is now released and available here!

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Cover of Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning - a reverse harem book

Haven Realm series

by Mila Young

These unique and steamy twists on fairy tales are fun and addicting! Hunted (a little red riding hood re-telling) and Cursed (a Beauty and the Beast(s) retelling) were two of my favorites from the series! A strong female protagonist meets strong male protagonists in a magical, forbidding landscape? Uh. Yes please!

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Cover of Hunted by Mila Young - reverse harem books

Her Dark Protectors series

by New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Walt and Emma Stark

Goliath from the 90s Gargoyles has nothing on these guys! I used to be a HUGE fan of that show as a kid- I was so intrigued by the relationship and dynamic between the gargoyle leader Goliath and the human female cop-Elisa. To say I enjoyed this Reverse Harem series immensely would be an understatement.

Her Elemental Dragons series

by New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Briggs

This magical world fraught with attractive dragon shifters, sizzling chemistry, and danger was un-put-down able! I had a blast being swept into such an imaginative world and getting to know each of the characters!

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Cover of Stroke the Flame by Elizabeth Briggs

Reverse Harem Fated Alpha series

by Ava Mason- Elizabeth

This is a strong, spunky alpha-wolf shifter who finds herself being in the unique, though welcome, position of being protected by four dragon shifters. While working on becoming stronger for an upcoming fight for her right to rule, she finds herself developing feelings for these dragons. It’s a fast-paced, action-filled, and steamy series that will pull you right in and keep you there!

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Reverse Harem Book Cover of Clan of Dragons

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Beasts of Ironhaven series

by New York Times Bestselling author Chloe Cole

Charismatic and tempting mercenaries, a strong female protagonist with amazing archery skills, a creative and magical world, and a whole lotta passion and intrigue…need I say more?

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