7 Steps for Surviving the Holidays

By: April Hughes


   Every October I find time to reflect on everything I’ve learned in holidays past. This is done in an effort to emotionally, mentally, and physically prepare myself for the chaos to come. I know that once November 1st hits, there’s no going back. I am going to be thrust into the whirlwind of holiday spirit- I’m talking Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and all the cheery crap that comes in between. With having two kids I am more inclined to participate in the “festivities”. So, the day after Thanksgiving I slap on my jolly elf hat and I decorate until my house looks like the North Pole threw up all over it. So, here are the 7 steps I take to navigate the benevolent, and sometimes unpredictable, currents of the holidays and still manage to cheerfully sip my hot cocoa.

My 7 Steps

  1. I do the bulk of my shopping over Amazon- Amazon Prime is my best friend during the holidays. This means I can avoid the blood-thirsty hordes swarming our local stores. Prime Discounted Monthly Offering Only $5.99 per month until Dec 31st!!!
  2. Instead of participating in Black Friday, I join the “stay-in-bed-where-it’s-nice-and-warm” Friday. You should try this. You’d be amazed about how great it feels to not be standing in a mile-long line in freezing temperatures.
  3. Spike the eggnog, punch bowl, fruit juice, or any cup you’re holding that contains liquid. Trust me. You’re going to need it.
  4. Heading to a holiday party? Snag a dessert at your local supermarket, place it in one of your own dishes, and present that sweet delight to the masses. They’ll never know (unless you’re naturally terrible at baking. Then they might suspect something is amiss).
  5. DON’T wait until Christmas Eve to wrap presents! Ugh. I tell myself this same thing EVERY year. I never listen. Then I regret not listening. It’s a vicious cycle.
  6. Avoid participating in Elf on a Shelf. How is moving that little bastard every night fun? Save yourself some time by writing a good-bye note from the elf to your kids. I highly doubt they’ll miss his creepy little face *shiver*
  7. When someone mentions Christmas caroling, that’s your cue to start singing “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” very loudly and off-key. I guarantee they won’t ask you to join their caroling group. You’re welcome.

Try a few of these Holiday survival tips and you may just make it through the next two months. Good luck!

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