Nothing gets my heart going than contemporary romances filled with a ton of heat, intense chemistry, male protagonists that literally make my toes curl, and a generous amount of laugh-out-loud moments.

So, if you’re looking for a satisfying and heart-racing night-in with yourself (those are my absolute favorite!), then grab one of these books below, make yourself comfortable (for me, this includes grabbing a glass of wine, piling pillows around myself, and making sure my favorite snacks are within arm’s reach), and prepare for a WILD, albeit quiet, experience.


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The Gridiron series

by USA Today best selling author Jen Frederick

This steamy and hilarious series is FILLED with hunky athletes, witty females, and non-stop excitement. Once you check this series out, you’ll know why it made the top of this list!

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Gridiron series contemporary romance book cover

The Off-Campus series

by New York Times best selling author Elle Kennedy

Witty dialogue, intense chemistry, and hockey players? Yes, please! I plowed through this series in less than a week. Honestly, I have very little memory of what occurred in the world around me while I was engrossed in this romance novel. The good news is…my house didn’t burn down! Yay!

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Off Campus contemporary romance series book covers


by New York Times best selling author Jana Aston

I nearly died of laughter. Seriously. If you’re looking for a novel that not only makes your toes curl because of all the sweet romance occurring in these pages, but also manages to make you double-over in laughter, then you need to read this book! Seriously, I won’t be able to endure a gynecological appointment without thinking about this book. Lovely

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Wrong contemporary romance series book

Dirty Deeds series

by New York Times best selling author J. Daniels

This series grabbed me the second our witty female protagonist dialed the incorrect number in the novel Four Letter Word and let the poor guy have it when he answered the call. I absolutely adored the characters, got swept away by the plot, and developed an affinity for surfers. You NEED to check this series out!

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Dirty Deeds romance series by J Daniels

The Beautiful series

by New York Times best selling author Christina Lauren

A co-worker of mine handed me the novel Beautiful Bastard one day and I was immediately intrigued by its title. The story did NOT disappoint. The intensity of the characters, the daring steamy encounters, witty dialogue, and the fast-paced plot lines really made this series an instant favorite of mine.

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the beautiful contemporary romance series

The Pucked series

by New York Times best selling author Helena Hunting

I love nothing more than a fun and engaging story that involves hockey players! I found this series to be a ton of fun, witty, and un-put-downable! Oh! And it gets bonus points for introducing me to the term “jilling-off”. Absolutely brilliant and freaking hilarious!

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Pucked romance series book covers

The Redemption series

by Sarah Castille

When I’m not gushing over hockey players, attractive CEOs, surfers, or hunky football players, I’m slowly losing my mind over the oh-so-irresistible fighters in this series by Sarah Castille. These guys literally make my heart pound! Add in a little danger and intrigue, a whole lot of heat, and enough sexual tension to make you crank the air conditioning up in your dwelling, and you have yourself a series that’ll hardly disappoint you.

Oh! And don’t be surprised if you drool a little while reading these books. It’s perfectly normal, I assure you.

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the redemption series book covers

Anna Maria Island series

by author Dana L. Brown

Add some Southern sunshine, a second-chance at love, a strong and confident woman, a tempting special agent, and humorous situations, and you have yourself a delightful read that’ll leave you satisfied and begging for more!

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Anna Maria Island Contemporary Romance Series book cover

Original Heartbreakers series

by New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter

After being introduced to the romantic heroes currently residing in Strawberry Valley, Oklahoma, I wanted to crawl inside this series and make that small town a home of my own. This series is a gold mine for reader’s like myself who love witty and engaging dialogue, unique and realistic characters, and nail-biting tension that comes to an epic climax (pun totally intended).

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original heartbreakers contemporary romance book cover

Sinners of Saint series

by L.J. Shen

Intensity, depth, sexy, witty, and addicting…the characters (especially the guys) in this series will pull you into the novels and completely take over all sane thought and reason. I completely lost track of time when I started reading this series! The covers should come with a warning: this series may cause book-hang-overs. Read with caution.

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sinners of saint contemporary romance series book cover

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