A Review of The Road by Brenda K. DaviesThe Road (The Road to Hell, #3) five-stars
by Brenda K. Davies
ISBN: 1310397554
Published by Smashwords on January 3rd 2017
Genres: Romance, Paranormal, Suspense
Pages: 384
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River,Standing at the edge of the gateway, I understand two things. One, I have no idea what I’m doing. Two, the gateway to Hell is not closing. Now, there may be only one option left to me, to all of us. I may have to enter the one place I’d hoped to avoid throughout this journey. I may have to enter Hell.Unfortunately, a change in events takes the choice away from me.

Kobal,I always knew the idea of River entering into Hell could become a reality, but I expected her to be by my side when, or if, it happened. I expected to be there to protect her, but she’s gone in alone. Now, not only am I trying to catch up with her, but I know Lucifer will soon learn of her entrance into my world, and he will be after her too.I just don’t know which one of us will reach her first.

***There will be at least four books in this series. Not all things will be resolved in this book. Due to graphic language, violence and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+ years of age.***

Review of The Road


The Road is the third novel in the Road to Hell series by USA Today bestselling author Brenda K. Davies. The first two novels in the series were fast, thrilling, and action-filled, and The Road follows true to its predecessors. Kobal, River, and others who have loyally followed them, have finally made it to the pit leading into hell. River, as promised, works diligently on closing the gateway, though is unsuccessful. A surprise attack from demons as silent as death, though deadlier than most other demons, forces River and a handful of others onto the roadway descending into hell. The further down they go, the more sweltering the heat is, forcing the others to halt their descent, and for River and one of her loyal friends to continue alone.

Meanwhile, Kobal and the other demons vanquish their attackers and hurry after River and the others. The period of time between River and Hawk’s venture into hell, and Kobal’s desperate attempt to catch up to them is heart-pounding and exciting. We are introduced to new demons such as Valkyries, and new horrific experiences such as the twisted carousel that leads River and Hawk into a carnival that isn’t all innocent fun and games. This introduction into hell is exactly what imagined it would be like- twisted, dark, and spine-chilling. Carnivals have always creeped me out and this one was no exception. But I will say, what a marvelous introduction to a new character!

On occasion, when I read a series featuring the same couple, the chemistry and passion between them, by the end of book two and all novels following it, begins to feel redundant- or it simmers to a point where I think, “Well, good for them. Now what?” That is NOT the case with this series! I swear I jump ten degrees whenever Kobal and River decide to get down and dirty- it doesn’t matter if it’s in a tent outside a wall separating the states, or in the sweltering bowels of hell- these two retain the heat!

And those trees in hell? Well, they reminded me fondly of the whomping willow in the Harry Potter series- except these ones will literally obliterate a massive ogre and tear an individual limb-by-limb. However, unlike the memorable whomping willow, these trees are also capable of a little cuddle and playtime- very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-ish.

Five stars for The Road!!

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