Gifts for Booklovers


Buying books for a bookworm can be intimidating. The odds are, they already have that new novel from James Patterson, or the latest story written by their favorite Indie or self-published author. I’ve been there- I’ve bought novels for my fellow bookworms and have been told, “Oh! Thanks for the book, but…I already read it.” Ugh. Total let down. So, to avoid the daunting task of figuring out which novel hasn’t been read by someone who plows through books at a suspiciously preternatural speed- I have created this list to help you find the perfect gifts for booklovers or someone who enjoys books more than they do sleeping, eating, drinking…heck, breathing (well, I’d say 50/50 on the breathing. It’s awful hard to read if you’re six feet under). So, here are five ideas of gifts for booklovers:


Literary Scarves

My bestie surprised me with a scarf decorated in passages from Pride and Prejudice- Seriously, nothing completes your wardrobe more than impassioned speeches by Mr. Darcy *sigh*.

Get your Pride and Prejudice Scarf from Amazon! 


Book-Scented Candles

Oh, yeah. These are a thing. Other people can happily scent their homes with cranberry chutney- I’m going to make sure mine smells like a well-loved library.

Find Book Scented Candles at Etsy


Creative Quitter Strips a.k.a “bookmarks”

 I happen to be one of those people that enjoys reading multiple books at once- this means that I, unfortunately, need to slide my quitter strips between those tempting pages. However, I feel better about doing this if they look cool.

12 pcs Vintage Metal Alloy Book Markers at Amazon


Release-Date Calendar

 If you really love your bookworm, you’ll take the time to purchase a calendar and painstakingly write the release dates of some of their favorite authors. I swear, some years authors pop books out faster than housewives did with babies after World War II. It can be hard to keep track after a while.


Book Store Memberships

 These are my best friend. I purchase so many novels that I’m 80% positive I’m keeping most bookstores in our area afloat. So, it helps to have a membership- saving a bit of money with each purchase is helpful- of course, I end up using those savings on other novels. It’s a deliciously vicious cycle. Oh! But you get coupons and sometimes free cookies! So, it’s worth it *wink*.

Get your Barnes & Noble Membership here!

If all else fails, get them a gift card to their favorite book store. Trust me. They’ll be pleased.

Happy shopping!

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