I had the opportunity to ask some questions with Katherine Hastings, the author of recently released novel In the Assassin’s Arms.



Please tell us a little about your upcoming novel In the Assassin’s Arms:

In the Assassin’s Arms is a historical romance novel that centers around two assassins from opposing factions, John and Charlotte (“Charlie”). Though they were once childhood playmates, as adults they have found themselves on the opposite end of each other’s sword. She thinks his father murdered hers. He thinks she killed his friend. Even though they distrust each other, they end up on the run together before they are next on the list. It’s an action adventure romance that follows these two assassins while they fight to clear their names… and the attraction they have that’s causing sparks to fly from more than just their swords!

How did the idea for In the Assassin’s Arms form?

In a dream, actually! I woke up and had little snippets of their story. I hurried to write the ideas down and then drew out a plot based on my dream. From there the story just took off on its own and I wrote it down as fast as I could!

Were there parts of the story that went differently than you had originally planned?

I’m a planner, so I knew the basic storyline before I ever started writing. However, Viktor’s character was what really surprised me. He wasn’t supposed to be anything other than a brief cameo, but he waltzed into my novel and became one of my favorite characters. I liked him so much, in fact, he’s starring in his own book, “Beneath the Assassin’s Touch”, the second book in the Daggers of Desire Series.

What can you tell us about Charlotte Cornewalle’s character?

You’ll find no damsel in distress when it comes to Charlotte! She’s a smart, capable, and lethal woman who can hold her own against anyone. The thing that is difficult for Charlotte, however, is trusting people. John has his work cut out for him chipping away at her walls and trying to reconnect with the girl he once knew.

John Douglas…a political assassin…he sounds intriguing! What inspired you to write his character?

After dreaming about John and Charlotte, when I started writing them, he really took on a personality of his own. With this book, I felt like I was standing in a room watching everything happening and just scurrying to write it all down. I knew his internal drives focused on honor, loyalty, and humor. The rest of him just evolved on the page, sometimes surprising even me!

Did you listen to music while writing In the Assassin’s Arms? If so, what artists and/or songs?

I did actually! Since this book is set in the 1700s, I found a couple stations that played music from that era. I also listened to a lot of movie soundtracks, like Gladiator, when writing the fight scenes. It helped me get in the mindset to write a more powerful action scene.

What are two random and interesting facts about you?

Random fact #1: I kiss my dogs at least 100 times a day. Yes. One hundred plus! Partly because they demand kisses, and partly because I love kissing their cheeks!


Random fact #2: I’m terrified of sharks, but I’m obsessed with watching everything about them. Shark Week, Sharknado, random shark videos… I’m glued to the screen!

What’s coming up next from you?

The next book in this series, “Beneath the Assassin’s Touch”, follows Viktor, a character you’ll meet in this novel. He’s a pirate and an assassin so he made for a really fun character to write! Viktor’s story takes him on quite an adventure, and you’ll see John and Charlotte appear in that book as well.

Thank you so much for doing this with me!

You can check out In the Assassin’s Arms on Amazon!

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