Cover Reveal – Paranormal Encounters by Deborah J. Hughes

Cover Reveal – Paranormal Encounters by Deborah J. Hughes

Cover Reveal – Paranormal Encounters by Deborah J. HughesParanormal Encounters by Deborah J. Hughes
Series: Tess Schafer-Medium #8
Also in this series: Be Still, My Love
on July 27, 2018
Genres: Fiction, Ghosts, Paranormal
Pages: 259
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Newlyweds Tess and Kade Sinclair are on a dual mission. One, end a curse that threatens the happiness of their future children and two, find family they’ve just learned exists!

So away they go to a mysterious island off the coast of Maine. Known as “Witch Island” to the locals, they believe its unique inhabitants are the answer to those missions.

But a negative force is disturbing the peaceful balance of the private island community. Spirit activity is on the rise and Tess is having disturbing visions of souls trapped on the “other side”. Can she help them, and accomplish her mission to resolve the curse, before she is banished from the one place and the one person capable of helping her?

This is book 8 in the series and all are stand alone stories...though it's better to read them in order! All of the previous books have made it on Amazon's top ten lists for their category and onto their "Hot New Sellers" list. Be Still, My Love (book 1) made it to number one OVERALL when it first came out.

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Paranormal Encounters by Deborah J. Hughes (eBook) Cover

About the Author Deborah J Hughes

Deborah J. Hughes PortraitSince living several of her childhood years in a haunted house, Deborah has been interested in the paranormal. After all, she wanted to understand just what the heck went on there! Her imagination didn’t always make things better but it sure made life interesting! Eventually Deborah started writing stories and since it became something of an obsession with her, she believes it’s her life calling.

It seemed a perfect pairing to write about what interests her and so her paranormal mysteries have resulted. She draws from her experiences, her vivid imagination and even from channeling (since she doesn’t plan her stories but lets them develop as they will, surprising even her when things are revealed!).

Although twenty years of her life was devoted to her country by means of her service in the United States Air Force, Deborah now spends all of her time writing, traveling (when she can!) and enjoying her extensive family.

She hopes her readers enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them, and along with that, she LOVES hearing from them!

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Tess Schafer-Medium Series

Be Still my Love (Book 1)

Be Still my Love (Book 1)

Hidden Voices (Book 2)

Hidden Voices (Book 2)

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Vanquishing Ghosts (Book 3)

Rosemary's Ghosts (Book 4)

Rosemary’s Ghosts (Book 4)

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Kiss of the Royal Blog Tour – Review – Giveaway

Kiss of the Royal Blog Tour – Review – Giveaway

Kiss of the Royal Blog Tour - Review - Giveaway

Kiss of the Royal Blog Tour – Review – GiveawayKiss of the Royal five-stars
by Lindsey Duga
on July 3, 2018
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Pages: 400
Buy on Amazon//Barnes & Noble

Princess Ivy has one goal—end the war against the Forces of Darkness.

Ivy’s magic is more powerful than any other Royal’s, but she needs a battle partner who can help her harness it. Prince Zach’s unparalleled skill with a sword should make them an unstoppable pair—if only they could agree on...well, just about anything.

But Ivy’s magic can only fully unlock with Zach’s help, and he’s not exactly cooperating.

Zach believes Ivy’s magic is dangerous. Ivy believes they’ll never win the war without it. Two warriors, one goal, and the fate of their world on the line. But the more they argue, the more they fall for each other. And only one of them can be right...

Review of Kiss of the Royal


Kiss of the Royal is a YA fiction novel by author Lindsey Duga. The story follows Ivy- a seventeen-year-old girl with unparalleled magic that can be bestowed upon others in the form of a kiss. In this richly imaginative world filled with dark forces such as goblins, dwarves, dragons, witches, and wraiths, a society of noble princes and princesses known as the Royals are sworn to protect the three kingdoms from evil. Their sole purpose is to fight the forces of darkness and squander any rebellions from a group of people known as the Romantica- a group of heretics who believe in “true love”- a notion the Royals find fanciful and fictitious, as they believe in suppressing emotions and operating only with cool logic and clear reasoning.

These long-held believes are challenged when Ivy pairs up with an infamous Royal swordsman named Zach, her page and best friend Bromley, and a sassy and talented mage named Millenia, on a quest to defeat the latest threat to the kingdoms- a lethal dragon that is in the process of being hatched by the Evil Queen- the very one who introduced the Kingdoms to the dark forces and sparked the beginning of the magic kissed utilized as weapons by the Royals. This journey to save the world was fraught with nail-biting encounters with a number of imaginative and mystical creatures, enough plot twists to leave you dizzy with shock, and heart-melting romance.

Zach’s character was flippant, charming, and swoon-worthy. From the second he was introduced to Ivy I just knew he was going to be an instant favorite of mine. Zach had me laughing routinely throughout the story and I could never predict his actions- something that rarely occurs with me. His confidence, unwavering faith in love, and his desire to help those around him snagged my heart and shot him straight to the top of my mental book boyfriends list (I seriously need to get a second list going). Ivy’s character was also complex- she was noble, righteous, brave, and selfless. Having been raised by a mother devoid of warmth and love proved to be a challenge for Ivy during her interactions with others- which is probably the main reason she struggled to believe in the concept of love once it was revealed to her. It made it that much more interesting to watch the charged emotions and evident chemistry between Zach and Ivy.

The breathtaking romance, grand and harrowing adventure, imaginative world, and intricate plot made Kiss of the Royal an instant favorite of mine! Honestly, it truly is the must-read novel for those who love YA romance, dark fairy-tales, and fantasy novels!

FIVE stars for Kiss of the Royal!


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